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Written Consultation

A thorough walk through of the house addressing the condition, followed by a discussion of your goals and budget.


Put together a plan unique to your property addressing the lifestyle design, keeping in mind the buyer demographic.


Work on the condition of the property as per the recommendations with frequent follow-ups from the team to ensure timely completion.

Stage and Sell

Design, decorate and accessorize the property based on the buyer demographic to make your listing market-ready for optimal return!

Our Services

The design consultation is the launching pad for every new project. During this first meeting we will discuss the scope of your project, your goals and your budget. Please budget 2-3 hours for the meeting. During the consultation, we will address:

  • The condition of the property – from floor to walls, ceiling, windows etc
  • De-cluttering of any room in the house, including garages, shelving, countertops, entrances and foyers, bathrooms, etc.
  • De-personalizing of bedrooms, family rooms, offices, and any other living spaces
  • Investment opportunities to make repairs and before listing the property such as painting, power washing, landscaping, packing and storage.

After addressing the condition of the property, we then address the décor. This is the day Studio Sheen’s team of professionals will prepare your property for sale. Our vast collection of staging inventory, carefully selected and picked from various locations all across the country, allow us to stage unique properties. By the end of the day when you return, your home will be transformed into an inviting, must-see house. Check out our team’s work and expect the best! 

Buyers buy how they want to live. People mistakenly think that viewing an empty room will give them an accurate sense of space available. Too much empty space can work against you. Viewing an empty room also allows buyers to focus on the negative details instead of getting a sense of the overall space. Creating illusion of space is an important part of what we do. This is where staging techniques help. 

Buyers over-estimate the cost of re-painting the house and often pay more for one recently painted. Colour affects the psychological level – it can be used to enhance or detract certain features of the home and it adds to the completed look of a room. Using colour can manipulate the size, shape, of a room and give the room a more completed look and feel. Work with our team to pick the right colour for your property!

What's in it for you?


Real Estate Redefined

People don’t buy houses. They buy homes they can imagine themselves living in. That's what we're experts at.



of people rely on the internet to search for properties: A staged property makes for beautiful photos and ultimately, more offers.


Time is Money

Fewer days on the market = lower carrying costs, finance costs, and uncertainty for your investment, more money in your pocket.



of home buyers would willingly pay more for a move-in ready house. Our expertise lies in allowing nearly anyone imagine a house as a home.

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