Liberty Village Home Staging

Meeta Gunsheen, Founder and Principal Designer

Meeta Gunsheen, Founder of Studio Sheen Home Staging

When Meeta started this company, she dreamed of a new kind of home staging and interior decoration firm, designed to handle complexities strategically. She doesn’t believe in off-the shelf solutions and brings the same passion and commitment to every project she works on. Meeta holds a Masters in Fine Arts and her personal style is a combination of classic and modern, reflected in her collection and work. She is currently leading a 7-member-strong team at Studio Sheen.

Diba Naseri Aliabadi, Designer

Meeta Gunsheen, Founder of Studio Sheen Home Staging

From a young age Diba had a passion for design and art. To pursue her life-long dream of becoming a designer, she moved to Dubai to get professionally trained at one of the top design schools. Now, over the last 5 years she, has been able to realize this dream by helping her clients in Toronto elevate their interiors. Diba has years of professional experience in commercial, hospitality and furniture design as well. Through this, she brings a holistic approach to every project she works on. When not thinking interiors, Diba loves to spend time at the gym smashing her fitness goals.

Jasmine Jones, Designer

Meeta Gunsheen, Founder of Studio Sheen Home Staging

"Design shouldn’t just be about how the space feels, but about how a person feels in the space." Ever since Jasmine was a young girl, she was clear on her design style, centered around the human experience rather than the furniture. Since graduating from Humber College’s Interior Decorating program, Jasmine has been able to implement this and help her clients bring happiness around them. She has a special love for contemporary & chic interiors, and has carefully mastered the skill of incorporating the two styles together.

Suhavi Kaur, Customer Relations

Suhavi Kaur, Director of Strategy for Studio Sheen Home Staging

Suhavi started her first business at the age of 8. She lost a month’s worth of allowance as investment with no return, but she didn’t let this hold her back. Suhavi always knew that she wanted to build something of her own and collaborating with her mom to establish Studio Sheen was the perfect opportunity. In addition to overseeing the strategy, marketing and customer relations for company, Suhavi also earned her MBA for Queen’s University in 2019 and now teaches Home Staging at Sheridan College. She is also an adrenaline junkie and has been zip-lining in the Grand Canyon, sail-boating across Croatia, and floating in the middle of the Adriatic Sea.