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A thorough walk through of the house will allow us to address the condition of the property and identify repairs that are essential for a quick sale


We act as your most picky buyer and point out objects, art, and other décor choices that could distract from the selling points of your home.

Colour Schemes

With hundreds of shades to choose from, we take you straight to the one which will hit the perfect note in your home. This is often the most crucial change.

Decor & Layout

We equip you to improve the overall look of your home design by enhancing focal points, architectural features, and creating better traffic flow in your home.


You’re a Realtor looking for a quick and affordable solution to enhance the appeal of your listing and make it market-ready. Or, you’re a homeowner who is willing to invest the time into staging your own home but are not quite sure where to start. Staging D.I.Y. is a result of a growing trend we have noticed in today’s real estate market. Not all listings are the right fit for a multiple thousand dollar staging project. In some cases, this is the case because of budget restrictions, in other cases it is because the homeowner already possesses aesthetic pieces that are simply in need of a little refresh and facelift. Put simply, Staging D.I.Y allows you to obtain Studio Sheen’s decades of design experience and condense it into a custom home staging plan which will equip you to address every corner of your property, starting right from the curb.


This D.I.Y project was centered around breaking some repetitive patterns within the room layout. At first, the homeowners were reluctant to make too many changes to the layout as they had gotten comfortable with it. However, Studio Sheen approaches every such project with the eyes of not just an interior designer, but those of a potential buyer whose lifestyle could be completely different than the current occupants of the home. Keeping this in mind, how can a broad appeal for the property be created? Please browse through the before and after photos to see the results for yourself. This home ended up fetching the highest values on the street and went unbeaten for months.


Staging D.I.Y.